Sunday, January 09, 2011

Janathon #9 - Listener Supported

Split session tonight, and I'm going with the SportTracker version of the distances, because I can't plot the trails through Meanwood accurately enough on MemoryMap to get a definitive figure. And hey, the Tracker reckons I ran further than the map plot does. That makes me happy, as did Michael Franti & Spearhead's "Stay Human" on the MP3 player on the run. Hence the title.

As I say, I split the session. Part 1 was a 4km, 40min walk from home to the Ramada Jarvis hotel by Golden Acre part. Walking to both warm up, to stretch the calves, and to enjoy a crisp, chilly but bright winter evening. The pastel-y sunset was quite pretty, and the traffic buzzing past was probably wondering what this lycra'd up loony was doing sauntering up the main road like he'd nothing better to do. It was nice to 1) be out in daylight and 2) shake the legs out with an enforced walk.

Part 2 was the run. From the hotel, the Meanwood Trail drops away from the road, round the nature reserve and continues back through the woods all the way back to Hyde Park. I wasn't quite going that far, but it was a good way to start.

The run seemed steady: A couple of short hard 'pushes' on hills where I knew I'd get a break over the summit, a couple of short sprints on flat fast sections, a couple of pauses to take a picture, to stretch, or just to admire the view. Running trails I ride regularly, I knew the best lines down most of the rough stuff, around the mud pools and through the dark bits. Back up the ring road, through The Hollies and across the Oxley sports pitches, then sprint down Otley Road to the bus stop to stop the clock at 9.24km in 1hr, 40seconds.

The longest run for me of Janathon so far, even without the extra 4km walk, so I'm happy. Counting it all together that's a 13km session in the bag, a cracking hip-hop album on the stereo and a cheery Pyro off for a bath, a Massaman curry and maybe, if I'm really good, a beer.