Thursday, January 06, 2011

Janathon #6 - R&R

Just been reading a few of the other blogs from other Janathon... erm. I can't really call them 'competitors', can I? Isn't this just supposed to be an incentive to run? Hell. 'Janathoners' will have to do.

There's a couple of them out there who are seriously racking up the miles. 'Auswomble' and 'Local Adventures' - aka Kevin and Gary - seem to be watching each other and pushing hard. The collective atmosphere coming off other people's blogs, comments on Facebook etc, and the community feel is awesome. I'm glad I got involved.

Sometimes, though, the spirit is willing but the flesh is falling apart. Tonight was one of those nights - like I said after yesterday's run, I needed a recovery day. I'm still determined not to lapse though: My challenge isn't how many miles, or how many unique routes, or even total time or pace or averages or... anything. It's just to see if I can do it. The only way I can 'cheat' is to not run, and that's only of impact to myself. Tonight was a forced, slow, jog-walk-jog, a grand sum of 3.6km from the University into Leeds city centre, to the phone shop in specific, and back. A time of 'who cares', but it's another run in the bag and another day closer to the 31st.

Tomorrows will probably be another slow one, probably before work, since I'm off to the Lakes immediately after. But again, it'll be another day, another run, another post. I'm not competing with anyone but me.

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K, like in caKe said...

Great stuff. Well done!