Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Janathon #26 - Rocking the hard place

If I had to list my religion, it would probably be 'music'. It's the one force in life that can bring me up, cool me down, hack me off and change my day around in a heartbeat. I haven't had enough of it recently.

As I said this morning, yesterday was a hard day, for a variety of unknown reasons. This morning felt a bit better, though the whole day I've been rottenly tired, yawning and generally feeling like I was about to fall asleep at my desk, which is surprising because I had an early night. Caffeine withdrawal, perhaps, having only about a quarter of the volume of industrial-strength coffee that I normally put away. Anyhow...

Home from work and eating, because I think 'not enough fuel in the tank' was probably another reason for my malaise of yesterday. Pasta bake, Cumberland sausage and a brew. A touch of CSI while it all settles and prep the Minidisc. Lots of rock (old and new) and hip-hop, and hang the maps for tonight, I'm going to run by feel. I'll set off thattaway and see where I end up, whether it's an out-and-back or a loop, who cares? Just me, my music and my sat tracker. Cans in, and off we go.


There couldn't have been more of a contrast. While I'm not saying I went from being a plodding hippo to Haile Gebrselassie, I felt so much better with something keeping my head in the right place (metaphorically. Physically it's still on top of my neck, more-or-less where it should be). I headed down to Headingley and over to Hyde Park before hanging a left, up onto the Meanwood Ridge and through the woods, following the Meanwood Valley Trail over Monk Bridge Road, through the park and along to the ring road, then up and back through the Hollies and Oxley Hall. There was the odd little walking section, and a few stops to stretch out tightness and shake down tension, and a couple of moments just to laugh and go "oh hell yes". Honestly. Ever tried running through a trendy student area with Bachman Turner Overdrive playing at full whack in your ears? You'd laugh too.

I got home and stopped the tracker, with the Cunninlynguists' 'Caved In' (feat Cee-Lo Green) bringing me back to level, and grinned at the readout. 11.42km in just under 1:20. That means, even with stops, sub-7 minute kilometres. I'm still grinning...

Tonight's soundtrack was as follows (in alphabetical order of artist):
* Death by diamonds and pearls  - Band of Skulls  * Love has a diameter - Biffy Clyro  * Ain't seen nothing yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive  * More than a feeling - Boston  * The Story - Brandi Carlile  * Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen  * The South / Caved In - Cunninlynguists  * 3030 / Mastermind - Deltron 3030  * Good Show - Dive Dive  * Psycho System - Dubwar  * Non Stop Operation - Dust Junkys  * How Much Longer? - Eve 6  * Midlife Crisis - Faith No More  * Hounds of Love - The Futureheads  * Quietly - Guano Apes  * Last Man Alive - The Levellers  * Toast - Manakin  * Drain You - Nirvana  * The Magnificent - One World Orchestra  * Steam - Peter Gabriel  * Microsize Boy - Tweaker *

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Gary Vallance said...

Dust Junkys and Faith No More - spot on.

Tonight's highlights in Gooseworld were Datsuns "MF From Hell", Friedland "We Want Your Soul" and Cake "Comfort Eagle".