Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winter's song

"She says "it's cold where you brought me..."
He says "Darlin', don't you worry
You can stay in my arms until the springtime comes" "
- Cowboy Junkies, Winter's Song

So, winter has hit the north of England with a dull and slightly soggy thud. The entire populace of The North appears to have forgotten that this happens every year and is either grumbling and crashing their cars because in the intervening 10 months of sogginess they've forgotten how to drive in icy conditions, or they're wrapping up warm, driving carefully, and just generally getting on with it.

NB: I'm currently stood in the kitchen in a fleece, sipping an industrial strength coffee. You can see which of these options I went for.

Last weekend I was shooting down at the Land Rover G4 Challenge UK Selections, which I have to say was fantastic fun. Big thanks to Land Rover and Trimedia for getting me involved, to Jo and Vix in particular, and to the competitors for being so relentlessly cheerful. And a HUGE HUGE congratulations to Bruce, Mia, Sarah and Andy for getting through to the internationals. Bruce I have known for a few years now, so it was very emotional when he got picked. Well done mate, seriously proud of you.
Oh yeah, and I saw in my 28th birthday standing round a campfire with a cup of mulled wine. Not a bad way to do it, to be honest.

Aside from that I've been taking snowy photographs (check Facebook or the Photoblog), having meetings, organising events and generally working my behind off. Need to do more exercise, still, but winter is not the best time - although I have deceloped a nice little Sunday afternoon 2hr ride. Don't get me wrong, night riding is damn good fun, but I do like being able to see where I'm going. And on these cold-but-sunny days, riding is a joy. Thank you Icebreaker, W.L. Gore and Buff...

Anyway, cheers for popping by