Monday, January 24, 2011

Hundred Acre Janathon - Part Two.

Having made their rissolution to find a Janathoner, with an internet and some clogs, Tigger and Pooh decided to split up to collect the things they needed. Tigger bounced off to Rabbit's house to see if he could borrow the clogs Rabbit had been making, while Pooh wandered over towards Eeyore's house toward the pond to find the internet, or at least a fishing net.

Pooh had found the net, and was carrying it back when he decided to stop by and see Eeyore. Eeyore was sitting in his house, chewing on a thistle and looking glum. "Oh, hello. I see you have a net. You've not come to catch me, I suppose?"
Pooh smiled at Eeyore. "No, Eeyore. This is my internet. Tigger and I are going to catch a Janathoner, they like internets and clogs, and they run a lot." "Oh." said Eeyore. "I couldn't be a Janathoner then, so there's no point catching me. Running too much makes your legs fall off, I suppose. I'd rather just stay here"
Pooh agreed that yes, running lots might make your legs fall off, but he'd never seen anyone without legs so maybe it took an awful lot of running before that happened. They both stood in silence a while, thinking about this, and then Pooh said that he must be going, this Janathoner could turn up any time and they needed to be ready.
"Oh well." said Eeyore "Thank you for stopping by, anyway."
"You're welcome" said Pooh, and pottered off back to find Tigger.

Tigger was talking to Rabbit, and bouncing lots. Rabbit was watching him bounce, and getting a slightly sore neck.
"Yes, I have some clogs" said Rabbit. "I made them for tap dancing in. What do you need them for?"
"We're going to catch a Janathoner!" said Tigger. "They like clogs, so we thought if we found some really nice clogs and an internet, we could get one to stop and we could see it or catch it. But they run lots, so we have to be really quick!"
Rabbit thought about this, but he was too busy to come and help them catch Janathoners, so he went to the cupboard and found his shiniest, best pair of clogs. "You can use these, Tigger. They're my best pair, so they should be very attractive to a Janathoner. Tigger bounced around him, hugging the clogs and Rabbit in turn "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Rabbit. These are very fine! I'm sure we'll catch a brilliant Janathoner with these!" and then he bounced back off to find Pooh.

Tigger found Pooh stood by a small path in the wood, looking at the floor. "Look Tigger: prints." Tigger looks at the floor where Pooh was pointing and got very excited as he spotted a set of paw-like prints padding along the path. "They're very small prints, so maybe this is a very small Janathoner. It should be easier to catch to start with, so maybe we should put the clogs here and wait, then catch the Janathoner with the internet".
Tigger thought this was a good idea, so the set the clogs in a pretty position on the path, then hid behind a tree next to them with the internet, ready to jump out and catch the curious Janathoner as it admired the clogs. Pooh started to hum a happy hum, but Tigger stopped him in case the Janathoner heard him. Pooh did the same when Tigger started to bounce a little, but soon they heard a fast snuffling shuffling coming along the path, and they got themselves ready with the net. They heard the noise stop, and sniffing noise around the clogs, and with a "one, two, THREE!" they jumped out from behind the tree and dropped a net over their curious Janathoner!

The thing in the net was black and furry, with bright yellow eyes. It peeked back at them from the inside of the internet  with a slightly confused expression, and very quietly said "mreow?". Tigger peeked more closely, then looked at Pooh and addressed the problem. "Pooh, that's not a Janathoner. That's a very small Jagular."
Pooh was quite excited, because he'd never seen a Jagular for real before. But he knew that Jagulars could be fierce creatures, and very dangerous, so he peeked carefully at it from a little way away. The Jagular looked at Pooh, said "mreow!" then purred and smiled a little at him. "It seems friendly. I think we need to let it go, Tigger" Pooh said, and Tigger agreed, so they set about trying to free it from the confines of the internet. The Jagular waited and washed itself very patiently, purring quietly at the pair while they untangled it. Once they had freed it from the net it sniffed at them both, then gently licked Pooh's face, rubbing itself against him, before padded quietly off into the wood.

The two friends looked at each other, and had a bit of a think. "Maybe we thinked too low, Tigger" said Pooh. "Maybe if Janathoners are bigger, we need to think higher up.". Tigger bounced a little, thinking of another plan "Maybe if we hung them up from a tree, the Janathoner would see them, and stop, and we could see it then!". Pooh hummed a little hum, thinking in his wooly little brain about how nice it would be to see a Janathoner, and Tigger bounced more because this plan meant he could climb a tree again. He'd climbed a tree before, but it hadn't been very good last time. This time he would see a Janathoner!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Can't wait for part 3.

Anonymous said...

Oooh - I wonder who they will catch?

maggiee said...

Yay! I'm so glad there was a part two. I'm hooked now... more please! :-)