Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mighty Deerstalker

Okay, first blog on this whole new 'training diary' thing.

Myself and Elise ran the Mighty Deerstalker (10km supposedly, my measurements show closer to 14km) at the weekend. I won't go into a massive amounto of detail because I've already done a write-up for Sleepmonsters (which should appear HERE.

This is just a quick post to say "been there, don it, got the Buff", and to note a kind of big thank you to my sis. Last year, I got dropped by Jon very early on, and I think it made it much harder for me to run solo. This year, E and I ran every step as a pair, something I wouldn't have banked on EVER happening 2 years ago. Hell, as we ran down the finish funnel, we were hand-in-hand! Wierd s**t happens, eh?

Next up, Student Rodeo next weekend, then Brum for the Rat Race after that.

'til then