Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Janathon #12 - Justified and ancient

I feel, honestly, like something the cat has dragged in, mauled, eaten a bit of, and left the rest to fester in the shed. 12 days in - over a third done! - and I'm into a weird rhythm of good night - good night - bad night - recovery run night - dubious night - oh, maybe I'm okay night - ouch. 

Tonight was an 'ouch'. Not a particularly long or fast night, because of the 'ouch'. Calves and whatever-the-hell-you-call-it up the outside of my calves. Both trying to kill me, or at least make me stop running. Still, I've got another 7km-ish in the bag, new trails again, through the back of an old quarry and into Ireland Wood. I was intending it to be about 5-and-a-bit km, but one of the footpaths I was planning to take doesn't seem to exist any more (at least according to the house that's built where it used to be) and another footpath wasn't signed and I missed it in the dark, so I took a slightly longer route.

According to SportTracker, 7.12km, 53:06 for tonight. I'll be happy with that, once I've had tomorrow's recovery run and got out of the 'ouch' phase of my weekly cycle...

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