Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Janathon #11 - Two Trig Tuesday Take Two!

A lot of alliteration for a little bimble out onto the hills!

Relatively short but hilly Two Trigs run tonight, and very muddy. All the footpaths are just soggy brown streaks up a grassy field, and the only change in consistency is the crunchy five millimetre ice layer on the surface!

The clim wasn't too vicious, just enough to warm the legs, and the first trig gave a beautiful view to the south over some of the leafy suburbans and over into Bradford. The second trig, beautifully embedded into a wall, gave a lovely view of Leeds Bradford Airport. Honestly, I've seen prettier places...

All in all 4.9km, 41:45. A little slow because of the mud, and stopping to take pictures. But who's counting?

(Obligatory pics of two trigs below - sorry for slightly shaky crap phone camera pictures!)

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the alliteration - really thought you were going to hit us with maths problems after that but so glad you didn't! Over 1/3rd complete now - well done :)