Sunday, January 23, 2011

Janathon #23 - Centurion!

Firstly, and perhaps more importantly than tonight's run, I've had a fantastic weekend. The Lakes was awesome, sharing the log cabin with 'Team DamX' (Mark, Dave, Martin and Laurent), cracking banter with the LUUCC mob, good food, good ale, and above all else, phenomenally fun boating.

We started off Saturday with a run of the Leven, from Newby Bridge down to Haverthwaite. Once portage for me, around Backbarrow falls due to a lack of confidence, and one roll on one of the drops below, but enough to start nudging my boating state of mind back into place, it having been AWOL for the best part of two years. The afternoon run on the Crake was pleasant enough, a beautifully cold, crisp day, but marred by the fallen trees and overhanging vegetation making it hard, cold, damp work for the unwary and the relative newcomers.

Sunday brought an ace run of the Kent, including leading a somewhat unsuspecting first timer over Force Falls, and the pride stayed firmly intact with a completely dry run. The afternoon was a jaunt down a very low Lune, a portage round the Constriction drop (it looked ugly) and a short spell of jumping / front-flipping / backflipping from a small crag into the river at the getout. All in all, a couple of brilliant days.

The runs this weekend have been squeezed in amongst all of the above. Both Friday and Saturday's runs were done after returning from the pub, so as you can imagine they were slowish and short. Tonight I could have cooked up all the excuses in the world - I'm tired, I've done a lot today already, I needed food, etc etc ad nauseum. But there was a mileage at stake and it had to be done. So, on with shoes and off and out towards Adel and round the back. 7.5km, 55mins. That puts me beyond 100miles - 100.89, to be precise, but who's counting the point-somethings? Okay, I admit it, I am. But every little helps...

Sometimes you need a 'trigger': Your motivation curve is on its way up, but you just need one more little nudge. One tune nudged me over today. The video is below. Enjoy it, I did.

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