Thursday, January 13, 2011

Janathon #13 - A marathon and a sprint.

So, should the 13th run be unlucky? Should everything be put on hold to avoid the jinxed date? Nope.

Not, especially, when there's a couple of targets that can be reached.

Okay, I said I wasn't competing with anyone, and that I was just running for myself, but the chance is there to make some personal battles up, and make some points that I'm proud of.

So, tonight was the first of those targets. I set off from home for the downhill sprint to Hannah's for stage 1 of the plan. A quick 2.5km (14:45) and I was at the door, sweating and panting. A quick stretch, and then I headed back out, accompanied for the first time on a Janathon run. Hannah and I logged out and across Kirkstall park, down through the Abbey grounds, then pushed back up the short, steep hill back to the house. A nice, steady 3.21km (22:49) to finish the day's session.

"So what..." I hear you cry "... is this target of which you speak?" Well, for the first time in my life, I have now run 26.2 miles. Okay, not continuously, I admit. But it's a nice number to be proud of. My compound time for this marathon would appear to be 5:16:40. That'll do me.

There's two more targets to go, which I *should* be able to tick off tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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Gary Vallance said...

Great work Pyro - and good on ya for doing it in style!