Friday, December 31, 2010

Interesting times.

Ho Ho Ho.

Happy New Year and all that festive chuntering to anyone out there who reads this. I realised, when someone linked to my blog from theirs, that it's been quite a while since I wrote anything here. You must all have become terribly frustrated at the lack of blethering waffle with which to fill five minutes of your day. I apologise, wholeheartedly.

Anyway, a few things are up and running. I left one job and started another - now Data Analysing once more, for the NHS. I still haven't escaped Leeds, but I'll manage it at some point. I've bought some skis and played around in snowy parks, bought a playboat and paddled it a couple of times (I'm still useless, and in answer to various people's retorts, no, I am NOT going to start paddling at Holme Pierrepont every week). I've had some amazingly beautiful snowy night runs, and some horrendously muddy trail rides, and at the moment I'm up in the Lakes having a lovely, peaceful, quiet Christmas and New Year with my family.

There's a bunch of vague plans for 2011, which include, in some semblance of order:
Janathon - Jog-Blog-Log. Read the link for an idea of what the heck it is.
The Mighty Deerstalker
The Nav4/12
Possibly the Heb2B Adventure
Maybe a trip to the Dolomites and the Sellaronda Hero
Maybe the Open Adventure C2C
After that... who knows?!

You should end up seeing lots of posts as of tomorrow as part of Janathon. Then again, if I fail catastrophically, you won't.

All the best for 2011, and see you all soon. Thanks for your continues patience at my waffling.