Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Juneathon 6

Should probably get into the habit of doing this again, shouldn't I!

Today's bimble - a little over 7km, 54mins. Tight calves and a sore right thigh - combination of sleeping funny and crashing on my bike yesterday. Ho hum!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Juneathon 2012 - Days 1-5


Should have blogged earlier, but what can I say, I got caught up with the whole 'life' thing. Sorry. Just getting the excuses part of an 'athon in early.

Yes, I'm Juneathoning again. Same as January, not taking it as seriously as last year, not pushing so hard as I'm nursing some injuries and niggles and want to not break myself, since I'm going to the Grand Raid des Pyrenees again and can't really afford to be completely broken before I even get there! So Juneathon will once more be a mixed affair and we'll see what turns out.

So far this 'athon, we've had

Day 1 - 3.15km walk/jog. Well, jog from the Better Half's to Morrisons just before closing time, and jog-walk a slightly longer way back to make up distance.

Day 2 - 3hrs climbing/bouldering. At Leeds Wall, after a day of driving up and down Yorkshire. Much needed.

Day 3 - 4.78km run. From home, to the far end of Meanwood Park and the Ring Road, then back.

Day 4 - 8.22km run. Similar route to Day 3, but extended up to 7 Arches aqueduct and  round.

Day 5 - 16.1km MTB. Similar to Day 4, but extended out to the Adel Jumps. Oh, and on a bike, rather than on foot. My calves and back were a bit tight after the runs, so a day's riding seemed like a good shakeout exercise.

Aside from that, all quiet on the Meanwood Front. It's all fun and games!