Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Masterplan (v2.008)

Plans for the summer then:
1) use this blog more as a training diary - see 'Glasgow tae the Sahara (http://gckelly.blogspot.com) for more details
2) Run more, bike more, boat more.
3) By using the principals of 2), lose some weight.

Things aren't too bad. Myself, Kiwi Steve, Steve Hutton and a couple of others do a regular run on a monday. I bike to work some days (although I most definitely could do more!). I boat every week, both general river stuff and polo. But I KNOW that what hurts me most is running, hence why I'm working on it now. Today's plan involved a ratch through the Runner's World events calendar to find local races to me that I can a) get to and b) complete!

I know my biggest problems is big, unrealistic aims, so the work-in-progress idea is to temper these and and be less optimistic about my abilities. That and a well-plotted race calendar should help.

At the moment, the calendar loooks like this:
March - Deerstalker, NSR, work at Birmingham Rat Race, and a 5 mile road race in Leeds (will be my first ever competitive road event!)
April - A road 10K and lots of training.
May - Meanwood 7.5 mile trail race, and an Open 5 event.
June - Harewood Chase trail 10K and possibly the Heb Challenge.
July - Possibly a Solo at the Traquair Ace Race, Edinburgh Rat Race and maybe Tough Guy.
August - London Triathlon or Sleepless in the Saddle, Newcastle Rat Race.
September - Either the Manx End-to-End or the Penrith Merida MTB Marathon, and working at London Rat Race.
October - Polaris with my Dad and maybe Tough Guy (again)
November - Abbey Dash 10K and whatever else happens.

I'm also hoping for another Man of Porage invite, but we'll see.