Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I would take a bullet for my friends. Not my 'friends'. Not just 'people who know me'. Not 'people who I've met'. My true, die-hard friends. It doesn't matter to me if the sentiment isn't reciprocated: These people, whether they are aware of their status in my eyes or not, would be welcome to everything I own.

What screws me up is that, even amongst this illustreous group, there are lines that I cannot cross, and lines that I wish I had crossed a long time ago. For good or bad, on a few counts, if I'd done what I should have done, when I should have done it, I wouldn't be sat here at 3am typing this with my brain racing at a million miles an hour and a head full of hope, regret and infinitely improbable possibilities..

None of that makes sense, unless you're me.

One song says "all sparks will burn out in the end". Another says "there is a light and it never goes out". Would that the latter were less true than the former.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Welcome to the Occupation

Well, I said I'd post more - guess I have to get into the habit of writing stuff down.

Okay, so. Since I last let anyone know I was still alive (Hello to anyone who knows me out there in the ether. Yes, I'm still here...) I've done a variety of interesting things with my life:
1) I acquired a real, responsible job. Quit choking in disbelief, I did. I now manage data-type computery stuff for a power company.
2) I got a car. In fact, I got two, but only because the first one died on me.
3) I somehow acquired a girlfriend. Not quite sure how but she's very nice and seems to think I am too so it's all good. And no, she's not totally deluded...
4)I did exciting sporty things in various locations around the globe (not that that should come as a surprise to anyone)

More recently, and closer to home I went to a really lovely Solfest, saw Paul (probably still counts as a 'best mate'), Fiona (surrogate little sis, although not so little as she's preggers) and caught up with the news on lots of old mates. As well as that I saw lots of good bands and drank lots of beer.

So why the introspective posting now, then? Well, catching up on people I haven't seen in ages makes me think how much I miss some of them. I guess I'm quite solitary a lot of the time, but still, time passes and even the people I don't think of as the closest of friends, I miss.

So, if anyone stumbles by who might just, on a vague whim, read this: come say hello. The virtual kettle is always on.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Late Night FM No Man's Land


I seem to do all of my postings late at night, when I really should be doing something more constructive, like sleeping.

What's been happening with me? Well, a great weekend of racing up on Arran with The German, Rob and Lesley (see for details), a fairly decent week at work, a very relaxed weekend at home (my first lie in in about 3 months, I'm a busy boy y'know) and now a week to go before the Edinburgh Rat Race, with my sister Elise and her blokey, Jon. Should be fantastic, given that last time we raced together Elise spent the majority of the race swearing at me. Before that I have 3 days to prepare for a 10 minute presentation on 'The Importance of Reporting' (statistical reporting, not anything exciting like races or kit) on friday, fortunately the upshot of this presentation is being fed for the day. Which when you eat as I do (like a horse, basically), is always a good thing...

Anyway, I'm off to do something more constructive, like sleep...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back once again

It's been a while.
I'm just stopping by to say hello.

Things got crazy. I have a new job, a girlfriend and somewhat of a life. And unlike my last post, I'm not injured! Yey me!

So yeah. Hi. Popping out to do some other stuff now.