Monday, September 03, 2007

Welcome to the Occupation

Well, I said I'd post more - guess I have to get into the habit of writing stuff down.

Okay, so. Since I last let anyone know I was still alive (Hello to anyone who knows me out there in the ether. Yes, I'm still here...) I've done a variety of interesting things with my life:
1) I acquired a real, responsible job. Quit choking in disbelief, I did. I now manage data-type computery stuff for a power company.
2) I got a car. In fact, I got two, but only because the first one died on me.
3) I somehow acquired a girlfriend. Not quite sure how but she's very nice and seems to think I am too so it's all good. And no, she's not totally deluded...
4)I did exciting sporty things in various locations around the globe (not that that should come as a surprise to anyone)

More recently, and closer to home I went to a really lovely Solfest, saw Paul (probably still counts as a 'best mate'), Fiona (surrogate little sis, although not so little as she's preggers) and caught up with the news on lots of old mates. As well as that I saw lots of good bands and drank lots of beer.

So why the introspective posting now, then? Well, catching up on people I haven't seen in ages makes me think how much I miss some of them. I guess I'm quite solitary a lot of the time, but still, time passes and even the people I don't think of as the closest of friends, I miss.

So, if anyone stumbles by who might just, on a vague whim, read this: come say hello. The virtual kettle is always on.