Thursday, January 05, 2012

Janathon '12 - 5: What a difference a day makes

So, map of yesterday's shambles of a jaunt first. It was cold, wet and miserable and I'd really rather not have any more like that, if that's okay with you? Thank you

Today couldn't have been any less like yesterday if it had been upside-down. This morning was still pretty horrible, but come lunchtime the wind had dropped, the clouds had cleared and the sky was blue! I even got home this evening to find the power on and the heating fixed! Wonders will never cease...

So, for once I actually felt like I wanted to go for a run. And slow, short and shambolic as it was, I did! Lots of stops to do stretching-y stuff because my calves are still a bit wrecked and I never warm down properly (slaps self on wrist....) but a nice steady 6-and -a-bit km potter on a rather pleasant evening, for once!

And so, to bed. I'll do some adding up some other time. For now, sleep!

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