Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Janathon '12 - 11: Out and back (with muffins!)

Odd little bimble tonight. One of my housemates was having a 'dinner and bridge' night, so i decided to vacate the premises early. As I hadn't eaten, picking up food en-route seemed like a good idea, so after phoning the Better Half to make sure she was actually in the house, I popped in to Sainsbury's in Headingley and jog-walked over to Kirkstall with a bag of muffins (Cheddar and black pepper ones, as cited in previous adventures) and a block of Emmental. Pause the tracker at 4.05km (including the lap of Sainsbury's)

After a lovely stop at the Better Half's for a cup of tea and to toast my muffins (no, that isn't a euphemism, thank you very much...) I restarted the tracker and set off back the way I came, and returned home a little quicker and without the shopping to stop the tracker at 8.05km. Not bad for a short pootle of an evening! And proof that shopping must count as exercise (just for Maggie's evidence locker) as the extra 50m must have been around Sainsbury. Wasn't breaking any speed records for it, though. Not that I care!

So, onwards, to see what tomorrow brings! Night night :)

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