Sunday, January 01, 2012

Janathon '12 - 1: New Year's Wobble

So, last Janathon I marked the first day of the new year with a 2.5km wobble, narrowly avoiding emesis on the way, having worked the bar in Torpenhow village hall for the New Years party the night before.
This year, same precedents, albeit with a much lower alcohol consumption (only 4.5 pints of beer, 1 pint of water and a cup of Rooibos tea), and I made it out on a lovely, sunny, scenic bimble around the 'homerun'. Couple of hours, just shy of ten miles, and very enjoyable.

Happy Janathon to everyone. I've started as I mean (but probably won't manage) to go on, I hope you all have as well.

Distance: 15.2km
Time: 2.04.09
Pictures taken: 11
"Happy New Year" 's to strangers: 4
Lumpy yawns: 0

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Anonymous said...

Happy Janathon to you too. Sounds like you had a great run to start off the year - well done.