Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Janathon '12 - 10: Retch and recovery

No, not the title of a new Jane Austen parody.

I decided after a relatively long run last night that I'd do a shorter one tonight. And I've been saying I needed to do some speedwork at some point. So I did. Try and run quite fast around the corner to the bottom of Moor Road, which has a little bit of an incline on it, pause and stretch out the sore calves, then five reps of walk-jog-sprint! up the road, with a steady jog back down and a little bit of stretching mixed in for good luck. Then a jog-walk back home

I'm adding in a different image today, instead of my usual Memory Map map. I'm adding in the mini-map and pace graph from the Sport Tracker console, because I like the spiky bits in the graph where it shows me sprinting. It amused me greatly, did that.

And now, to shower and bed. Night night!

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