Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Juneathon 7 - Out and about

Last night was a recovery run. After the hilly moorland of day 6, my legs needed a little bit of a break, so a slow shamble was the order of the day, distance immaterial, but a day to just head out for a pootle and see what happened. In the end, what happened was just the top side of 8km in about an hour and a quarter's running - the full GPS file shows 1:40-ish, but I stopped to meet up with the better half and potter round Sainsbury's to pick up dinner. I haven't included the pottering time, or mileage.

And so, to the end of Week One stat-attack (because, as was pointed out in January, I am a geek):

  • Total distance: 65km / 40mi - The same distance as my longest week of Janathon, a point I reached at Day 11 in January.
  • Average distance per run: 9.28km / 5.77mi - 4.3km further than my Janathon week 1 average.
  • Total time: 8:47, giving an average daily run time of 1:15.
  • Average pace: 8:07min/km or 7.4km/h (or 13min/mi - 4.6mi/h) - a little quicker than my January average of 8:13min/km for the month.
  • Total beers drunk: 0
  • Total takeaways eaten: 0
  • Total times I've said "Eesh, my calves are a bit tight": Many
  • Total bits of fun pretty singletrack: Could be more
  • Total abusive/encouraging posts to friends: A few.

Roll on Week Two - I'll be starting with something different tonight, and going orienteering!

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