Sunday, June 05, 2011

Juneathon 5 - Tech issues...

So, first technical hitch of Juneathon - we knew it was going to happen, didn't we. More about that later, but first...

Juneathon day 3. 2.8km, 27mins
Expanding on the two very brief blog posts from the weekend, I've been back up in the Lakes for the weekend as my Dad was going into hospital for his second full knee replacement. The better half and I drove up on Friday evening in the blazing sunshine, met my Mum at home and went for a quick bimble round a short local loop, the one I did on Jan 1st, but in reverse. We pottered off down the field, then started climbing sharply onto Brown Moor, watching her ladyship first fall over while trying to run uphill - she doesn't really run off-road - and get followed by first a herd of curious bullocks, then a few curious sheep. Perhaps they could sense the shared vegetarian-ness.We climbed over the stile and made our way carefully across the next field, full of cows with young calves - never the best thing to have in a field with a public footpath through it. From the top we turned left and made our way back down the hill to the road and back through the village to home.

Juneathon 4 - 8.7km, 1hr
After a day of tea-drinking, hospital visiting and general pottering, we got back to the village and Mum suggested heading along to our local (The Greyhound Inn) for dinner, as they do a very good veggie curry for her and the better half, and very, very good Cumberland Sausage for me. We'd got back just before 6:00, the table was booked for 7-ish, time for me to go for a run then. I'd thought about the Ireby loop, or a slightly longer version, but the time constraint meant I missed out on the extension through Ireby itself and back by New Park lonning, but the new(ish) bridleways section and a nice pic of the poppies growing in front of the old church made up for it. And so did dinner, when I got back.

Today, the weather turned inclement, so the bigger hill run I'd been plotting never worked out - I'll shelve it for another day later in the month when I'm feeling a bit more tuned in. It's a route I've never run, but have walked and biked at various intervals and I think it'll be a stunner, so we'll keep it for a good day. Instead, we mooched around Keswick a little, walked down to the lake and along to Friar's Crag (not mileage I'm counting, mind. 'Mooching' isn't a listed activity on RunningFree) and had lunch at the Lakeland Pedlar, then drove home and I though I'd get a slightly longer run in from here this evening.

Juneathon 5 - Approximately
The tech glitch is one of stupidity, really. While trying to answer a call while taking a picture with the ViewRanger mapping software and Sports Tracker running in the background, my poor abused wee Nokia decided it was out of memory, and proceeded to shut down on me. That panicked me a little, as I've only just had it repaired after it last decided to die on me, so I spent a little time trying to reboot it and opted not to run so heavy on applications. Unfortunately, because it is my all-in-one solution for my hectic life, this lack of mobile means I haven't got accurate timing or distance for today's run. I was out just under an hour and a half, by my rough reckoning (derived from "what was on TV when I got in" minus "what was on TV when I set off") and when I plot the route manually into Memory Map, it comes out at about 12km, so that will have to do. As there's so many little tracks in the woods, I can't be 100% on that, but it's a near-as-damnit approximation. It's a route I've done plenty of times before, through the Meanwood Trail, and probably one I'll do a few more times before June is out, so we'll get a measure another day and adjust if necessary!

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TV guide timing. I like it. I hope your nokia behaves itself for the rest of Juneathon.