Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Juneathon 14 - 14 for 0

So, end of Juneathon Week Two. How's it been so far?


Distance wise, I'm on course for my arbitrary targets and exceeding my own expectations and perceived limitations. I've run two back-to-back 40 mile weeks, with multiple runs over 10km and three over 10 miles. Not something I would normally consider myself capable of. Physically I'm standing up pretty well, aches and pains are present but nothing that I would get alarmed about. I'm running off-road wherever possible, stretching before, during and after runs, warming up well on longer runs (they tend to start off at walking pace anyway!) and warming down pretty well. I've got the odd wee blister, but what do you expect?!

Unfortunately, I've hit the doldrums motivationally. My last four or five runs have been alright time and distance wise, but in terms of 'head space', rubbish. Tonight started badly and, fortunately, improved gradually (thanks in part to some textual abuse motivation from Ross) to end up with me in a good mood, feeling happy, positive and above all, comfortable. All of which is made even better by the fact it also turned out to be a 10-miler.

As we enter Week Three, the pressure's still on to keep that distance down, even if it's only for my own satisfaction. There's a few other pressures around that are taking up some headroom, so hopefully we'll get those dealt with as well and then Weeks Three and Four (and those last two heady days where we all push like crazy to cram in the last minute mileage) should hopefully pick up. I really, really hope so...


Gary Vallance said...

Weetwood? What a great name. It's like the onomatopoeic past tense of "wolf whistled". Love it.

Just keep putting yourself in sitations where the most likely outcome leads towards success. Luck only works if you're still in the game.

Reliable Plodder said...

Nice blog. Been having the same motivational problems too. You are doing great though. Good to see a Leeds runner on here. I'm from Bradford, so a couple of West Yorkshire guys in the top 10 is great :-)

Gary Vallance said...

If I moved to your neck of the woods tomorrow, then after a quick look at a map, this is the route I'd run:


That should be one less long one for you to plan.

Carrick "Pyro" Armer said...

Cheers GV - looks like one I've done bits of, but not the stuff round by 9 and 10.