Monday, August 11, 2008

"I am an Adventure Racer"

Just read the quote below, in a book about Adventure Racing. It's by a guy called Nathan Lake, from Team PureFit/Orca. It's another thing that sums up racing, attitude, life, and makes me happy.

"I am an Adventure Racer. My skills are many, my needs are few: a long trail to run, a high cliff to climb, a fast river to ride, a good bike, and trusted teammates.

My sport is inherently risky, but risk taking is part of who I am. I consistently strive to know, understand, and prepare for those risks so that my team will arrive safely at the finish line.

I respect all athletes for their acheivements, and the work and dedication they have for their sport. Having the ability to win is satisfying. Having the opportunity to participate is life.

Sometimes Adventure Racing is my life and somtimes it is just a hobby, but at my core I am, and will always be, an Adventure Racer"

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Nathan Lake said...

I have not seen this in a very long time.

Nathan Lake