Friday, July 23, 2004


So, fantastic racing at the Heb and Rat Race, a vaguely clear plan of what to do next and... a brief hiatus while I repair myself.

I'm a bit run down. Slight cold, pretty much to be expected after the amount of activity. But the worst is the sprained ankle.
The story is too long to go through, but basically my foot wanted to go to Wonderland (down the rabbit hole, geddit?) and the rest of my body didn't. The 2 couldn't agree, which resulted in a twist, a fall, and a lot of pain.

The doctor thinks no significant damage to important things like ligaments, tendons etc, but the bone may have a small fracture, so I'm in for an X-ray on monday, crossing my fingers that it's nothing bad.

Psychologically, I feel fine about things. I'm obviously frustrated that it happened and that we were then slow. I also feel slightly guilty that I slowed my teammates down, leading to Kai's outburst when we missed the cutoff. But I also feel that we did as well as we possibly could in the circumstances.

I guess I put my foot in it... Posted by Hello

So. Onwards and upwards. At least this gives another chance to recuperate everything else and do some training without the stress. And as the next race date is set, there's an aim.

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