Sunday, December 25, 2011

Future Imperfect

Evening all. And Merry Whatsitsnamey. Y'know? Thing. That day where a fat bearded bloke (not me) comes and visits and brings pressies (definitely not me). Aye, you got it, that one. Thingy.

Not wanting to get into the soppy reflective stuff, but 2011's been an interesting year: Running an Ultra was something I wasn't expecting this time last year, but neither was getting back into proper kayaking form, building a couple of new bikes, taking my Dad down the Tyne in an open canoe or... well.. a lot of stuff. It's been good, really good,

So what's 2012 got in store? What big adventures to concentrate on now?

Firstly, Janathon. Because it's an awesome start to the year, a great way to kick the winter blues and, while it can be hard work, the collaborative atmosphere is fantastic. I'm happy to say I'll be participating again.

Secondly, and lasting a bit longer Twelve : Fifty-Two is a new project to build on the photography stuff I do. A weekly challenge with a group of friends, acquaintances and complete strangers, with a different theme to focus on each week, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Should be fun, I hope!

Thirdly: Hmmm. I may be going back to the Grand Raid des Pyrenees. Not with a point to prove, not to try and better my time, just because I enjoyed the race and some others have expressed an interest in going out as well.

Other projects: Who knows? I'd like to get more biking in to accompany the running, more paddling in to accompany both of the above. There's always the desire to lose a couple of pounds and all of those should help. Where else in the world I'll end up is anyone's guess. It'll be fun finding out.

So, huge hugs to all anyone for taking the time to read this, best wishes whatever your plans are for the New Year, and keep smiling on.