Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day in the half life

More work to be done, more training to be done, more life to experience, more to do. Always. I've made what is for me a rather large change in giving up caffeine in the evenings. To help me to sleep better, ostensibly. Feeling less dehydrated is useful as well.

Last week was far too sedentary though. A little bimble on the mountain bike, a wee bit of walking, a toddle around on the roadie. Nothing much, nothing fast, nothing hard. Enough - a session most days - but not enough to feel like I'd done anything. Oh well. Live and learn. Sort it out and move on.

The weekend was a fun one, Timmy's stag do, up in my old stomping ground of the Dales. A nice wee ramble up Ingleborough on Saturday morning, a couple of hours up and down, including some dithering at the top in the mist. A phenomenal day of falconry and archery, including hunting with a hawk, and a nice ride around Gisburn on Sunday. No crashes this time, though, though the technical bits at Whelpstone Crag did get the better of me. I had a quick run up to the top of the Crag as well, since there's a trig pillar there.

And now we're back into the swing of things. Harewood run on Monday (map below), a beautiful summer's evening jog around a beautiful estate. Being followed by a Red Kite was a highlight, I see them most mornings on my drive to work, but to be within 30 yards of one was phenomenal. After the info we'd had on hawks and falcons hunting on Saturday I was a bit nervous, but apparently they're carrion eaters, and I wasn't quite that dead-looking. Meanwood bike loop tonight, a great ride in the sun, spinning the legs loose and riding however I felt like it.

Days like that are the type of thing that make it worthwhile. The sunset evenings, the steady sun and cool breezes, the stunning nature and little moments of niceness. They offset the bad days, the rain, the pain, the misery. Let's hope they continue!

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