Sunday, July 11, 2010

More MTB

Another longer loop around Leeds. Myself and Giles set off to do the Meanwood loop, but I took the OS map out in case I fancied a longer ride. Come the top end of the trail, Giles opted to head back and I continued North up across the fields towards Eccup reservoir, Harewood, and the Emmerdale set. Just shy of 30km in the end, about 3 and a half hours of nice steady pacing. A couple of map/food/faff stops, and a beautiful evening to be out and about.

The view across the crop fields - very pretty, although the pic from a phone camera isn't the best!

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without me trying to bag some trig pillars. Picked up the pillar north of the Adel jumps on a short out-and-back, pictured with the bike below, and the pillar embedded in the hedge at Brandon Lodge. The one at Tunnel How is still defying me - GPS tracks show I'm near it - very near! - but the new-ish plantation and a lot of undergrowth mean it isn't visible, and it will take some bushwhacking to get to it. I'll get it at some point though!!

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The German said...

Jist the thing for that hard to find trig ...

You can find pics of trigs to assist in location and also where a trig has been removed !