Saturday, June 19, 2010

Double discipline day

So, a run and bike day, a week before the Open 12. Carrying a full race pack, as practice.

13.5km run, about 1:35. Trails are nice and dry, got the trig pillar in (keeping with my traditional mission!). A little more time on tarmac than I would have liked, but you can't really get in any distance without road running a bit, eh?

25km MTB ride, 2:25, started off as the Meanwood Loop as well, but then became a bit of a "Ooh, I wonder where that trail goes?" womble up to Eccup, Harewood, the Emmerdale set and back trying to find another trig pillar (failed - just above it, I think. Missed by yards!).

All in all, a rather pleasant day out in the sun, dry trails, a good giggle, and now sore legs to match the sore arms from Thursday. Yey!

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