Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey up!

Sorry, been a while since I last posted anything coherent (although it's debatable whether ANYTHING I post is totally coherent...) so here's a little excuse post.

Been a bit busy recently, working for myself, Npower, Detail Events, Extreme Care and even getting some races in. Sleepless in the Saddle was a long time ago, and the weekend after that I did the Man of Porage. A lot of strange things (mentally) happened during Porage and I'm still wrestling with what exactly went on, but there'll be a more comprehensive post when I work it all out. Since then there's been safety and rescue work, watching my Dad abseil off the Tyne Bridge, having some good natters (and some good Cajun food) with some really good friends, and a lot of general fun and games shenanigans.

On the employment front, things may be looking up, but I won't say much because nothing's confirmed yet, and I'm DEFINITELY keeping myself busy at the weekends - I'm working for SOMEONE 15 out of 16 weekends at the mo, some paying, some voluntary, but all good fun.

Anyway, see you anon - have a look at the Photoblog for a few new pics.


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