Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eyes open


I've just spent a week at the Saab Salomon Mountain X Race in the Alps, working with a bunch of other photgraphers/writers, and had an absolute blast. It's been an eye opener, shall we say. I've realised that all the half-humorous, snide, cynical comments I make about my job back in the UK are borne out of an increasing frustration that my career seems to be going nowhere. Advancement in my 'normal life' is non-existent, and I've had no motivation to do anything about it. What I've been badly in need of is an aspiration, a desire, and a good hard kick in le derriere, all things that in the 'status quo ante' I was sadly lacking.

Well, that's going to change. Watch this space.

Pyro, feeling pheonix-like, Geneva Airport.

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Mike Bitton said...

Pyro, you know what you have to go do it! Your friend, Mike, "The Yankee PR Man."