Wednesday, May 07, 2008


They say 'Opportunity knocks'. I agree, kind of.
Opportunity can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes, Opportunity comes screaming down the garden path in a blazing '69 Chevy, hammers through the door and drags you away kicking and screaming to a semi-inevitable conclusion. More often than not, Opportunity pauses at the threshold, taps timidly on the frame, and carries on peacefully by if you don't see her immediately. Such is the way of the girl.

I've been lucky with a number of Opportunity's short sojourns into my life recently, and I've been unlucky with others. Recently, I've been able to catch Opportunity as she stood on my porch, and she's smiled at me and some things have been very good as a consequence. The key, I think, is to look and listen for her footfalls, to pay attention when she whispers to you, and to speak with people who she holds as friends. They're the ones through whom Opportunity makes herself known, and if you're to have any flirtation with her of your own, you have to know, like, and be, the kind of person she knows will take up her half-formed dreams and ideas, and carry them to their destination.

People have said I'm "jammy", that I'm "flukey", that I've had "all the breaks". No. Wrong. But unlike many, when Opportunity whispered her sweet almost-nothings in my ear, I was listening.

A happy, philosophical Pyro.

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ross said...

A good way to put it. So how is the weather out there? :)