Monday, May 17, 2004



Pyro's Yard v2.0

The blog to go with the website. Also a kind of online training diary for me. I guess if other people can watch, I might have to keep training.

Recent events:
Biking weekend in the Lakes/Dales.
Biking day in Mabie and Dalbeattie.
Weekend drinking in Leeds. (not training as such but a lot of biking got done as well.)
Weekend sea kayaking and having fun in Leeds.

I'll post more when I can think logically...


Bill Horsman said...

Sea kayaking in Leeds? That's some imagination you've got Pyro! I can just imagine you sitting in your sea kayak on the living room carpet. Rocking from side-to-side on an imagined swell. An assistant throwing buckets of water at you...

Oh well, it's all training I suppose.

Dan Widdon said...

Being a wompie at Dentdale can't be much different from being a student at Leeds Caz.

You and I clearly have too much time on our hands, except you get to go riding on your time off, where I spend mine playing house and moderating!

Emailed you yesterday. Have you read it yet?